At 'Pilates in Périgord' you will find the exercise class you have been looking for.

It is a proven method of body conditioning that is revolutionary in the way it can change you, both inside and out.Cheryl FP 2020

Everyone, no matter what age or ability can benefit from a Pilates class. The method is so adaptable it allows you to gradually build your strength, flexibility and endurance proceeding at your own pace.

The list of benefits from practising Pilates are endless: a toned body through strong lean muscles, improved posture, flexibility, coordination and balance, a firm flat stomach  and a clear relaxed mind through its emphasis on breathing and relaxation.

Pilates works on many levels and in a way that is totally unlike any other form of exercise. Fundamentally, Pilates changes the way you move, re-educates your body's movement patterns, and teaches you to move correctly with thought and precision. Through this new awareness you will notice the difference in the way you walk, run, drive a car, work on a computer, pick up the children or lift a heavy suitcase as everything you learn in your Pilates class will soon translate into your everyday life.            

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