After the Royal Wedding Pippa Middleton has revealed the secret of her much admired 'derriere' is Pilates!!!



The 27-year-old's derriere has been the focus of much attention since she undertook bridesmaid duties at her sister Kate's wedding to Prince William, with Facebook groups dedicated to her attracting thousands of members.

And now, the younger Miss Middleton has revealed that her much-admired curves are down to regular Pilates sessions, which she attends at a small studio in London's Parson's Green.

In a testimonial on the studio's website, Pippa wrote: 'As someone who is always "on the go", Pilates has been a wonderful escape from my busy lifestyle in London.'

She added that the exercise always leaves her 'calm, refreshed and invigorated' and noted that she has seen a marked improvement in her core strength and posture.

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" Pilates is so beneficial for both the mind and the body, and it’s a whole hour just for me!"

Judie Burman, Montignac


" Of all the exercise classes that I have ever taken part in over the years, Pilates is definitely the best. It impacts on every aspect of my daily life and I am now more conscious of what I am doing and the way that I do it."

Jeanette Grainger, Rouffignac