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Classes are split between three locations

Bella Forme, 24750 Champcevinel, Perigueux (opposite Aqua Cap Swimming Pool) .

Classes are held on Fridays

All classes are in French

10.45-11.45   Intermediate Level

12.15-13.15   Beginners





Bella Forme

This is a perfect modern studio.



Salle de Fete 24290 Fanlac (about 10 minutes drive from Montignac)Fanlac300

All Classes are in French

Tuesday 9.15-10.15     Beginners

Tuesday 10.45-11.45   Intermediate

Thursday 19.30-20.30   Improvers







Salle de Fete Fanlac

A charming 'salle de fête'



L'Espace Albizia, 24290 MontignacP1000992 300

All Classes are in French

Classes are held on Wednesdays

 18.00-19.00 Beginners                                        

 19.30-20.30 Improvers








A charming 'salle du Perigord'

Please contact me if you are interested in joining any of these classes

Discover all of the benefits of practising Pilates by joining one of the mat-work classes. Participants are deliberately kept small which ensures that everyone receives close personal tuition and correction. Care will be taken to ensure you are exercising correctly in a friendly and safe environment enabling you to enjoy all of the benefits that Pilates brings. Don't worry if you think you are out of shape as the exercises will be modified to fit your current ability. We often use resistance bands, blocks, exercise balls, Pilates magic circles, and small free weights, which will add another dimension to your Pilates programme.



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" After the first session I was totally hooked. I could not believe that such gentle exercises would be so beneficial, but the next day told another story. Not the horrendous aches experienced from the gym but I could tell that I had worked my core muscles!! The 5 inches from my waist is testament to its effectiveness!!!"

Jill Lawrence Burke, Les Eyzies


" I love your classes and so does my body. I have lost inches from my waist and look slimmer and fitter than ever before"

Jenny Hallaby, Sarlat